Q: WHAT IS www.curetrade.de FOR AND WHY CURETRADE?




curetrade because everything began with trading "the cure" shows in the cure community ("the forum" about cure in English ): www.curiosity.de
www.curetrade.de is a trading network for every kind of music . A big project , i know. But there is so much people involved in this that it should walk alone . The second very usefull thing should be the solidarity between fans . During the next "cure" tour in 2004 for example :
- the band is playing your country and it is easy for you to get tickets, so post your requests or propose your help HERE :)
- You know cheap hotels around gigs or you or your friends have rooms to rent (affordable rooms, this is NOT a travel agency, every missusing post will be deleteted)

- If you have some important info about a gig (how to get there, the location has CHANGED,ect), you should post HERE ! ;)
Questions ? POST ON www.curetrade.de !