Maybe you can help me. Because of the growing
popularity, and the overwhelming number of downloads , I am
going to be charged for bandwidth usages. Please understand that my
intention is for to be free, but I need help with the
bandwith charges. If you would donate just one dollar (or one EURO)to help me
pay for the bandwith, then I can continue to run

So if you dig, please, send me a dollar or one EURO to this address:

J-M  Robin
10412 Berlin

You don't have to donate your money, but all I ask for is a dollar.
Think of it in an hourly rate. If you make $5.00/hour, that's 12
minutes of work. You make $12/hour? Only 5 minutes of work.
C'mon, you can spare a dollar for little 'ol me right?

Q: How should I send the money?
A: You can just put the dollar bill in an envelope and send it off,
or to be safe, you might want to fold it up in a piece of notebook
paper or something. For Euro coins please use cd (hard) papers you are using for trading.

Q: Can I send you more? (someone honestly asked me this)
A: Sure you can, whatever you feel appropriate! But: needs +- 50 /month to run, every ammount over this
is going AUTOMATICLY to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL GERMANY, so please give yourself
a "kick" ...:) reports about this every 3 month on

Q: Do you take checks?
A: For a dollar?

Q: Do I get anything for it?
A: You're getting for free already... You're just
being an awesome person by helping me out and you will have my
gratitude for it!

:) Jim ,  ( English text by MrShannon)